Sacraments and Fasting

Rules of Fast

The laws of fast apply to persons between the ages of twenty-one and fifty-nine. On a fast day one may eat one full meal and two light meatless meals, which together would not equal the main meal. Meat may be taken at the principal meal, except on days of complete abstinence. Liquids such as water, milk, and fruit juices may be taken between meals.


Rules of Abstinence

The laws of abstinence apply to everyone seven years of age and over. On a day of complete abstinence no meat, meat gravy or soup made from meat may be taken. On a day of partial abstinence meat may be taken once.


Traditional Days of Fast

All the days of Lent, Ember Days, the Vigils of Pentecost, the Immaculate Conception, and Christmas.


Traditional Days of Complete Abstinence

Every Friday of the year, Ash Wednesday, Holy Saturday, the Vigils of the Immaculate Conception and Christmas.


Traditional Days of Partial Abstinence

Ember Wednesdays and Saturdays and the Vigil of Pentecost


Local Custom in the USA

In many places in the United States before Vatican II, it was customary to dispense from abstinence on the Friday following Thanksgiving.


  • Communion: Must be a practicing Traditional Catholic. Must be fasting from all food for 3 hours, and all drinks for 1 hour.
  • Baptism: When possible, within 10 days after birth
  • Matrimony: Only for those who have been members of the parish at least 6 months. Please contact Father Geckle at least 6 months before the wedding date.
  • Confirmation: Once a year when Bishop Pivarunas visits.
  • Extreme Unction: when in danger of death